A Federal Grant Brings Jobs To Law Enforcement

Local News

Federal funding is bringing jobs to one area police department.

The Newark Police Department held a press conference Thursday morning to announce $400,000 in federal funding. Newark Police Chief Steven Sarver said it’s just in time.

"We are currently three officers below what we should have and we’re about to lose two more before the end of the year through retirement and that puts the safety of the public at risk. So we applied for the grant to get the additional officers and the federal government obviously sees a need to have police officers on the streets," Chief Sarver said.

United States Senator Sherrod Brown said this is saving jobs and creating new ones.

"First of all, it means they will not have to do some of the lay offs that they may have had to do with the police officers. They will get two new police officers pretty quickly that can be in the community, out in the street, in the neighborhoods, and all of that. They will be able to upgrade some of their equipment, some of their crime fighting equipment, and keep up with the technology," Brown said.

Chief Sarver said without this money they wouldn’t have been able to hire anyone. He said this will help to continue to keep the public safe.