Senator Sherrod Brown is Working Toward Clean Energy Programs

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Ohio’s leaders are working to make the state a front-runner in clean energy programs that would make Ohio an attractive place to live and work.

United States Senator Sherrod Brown met with the area’s college presidents and business leaders at Zane State College to discuss ways to educate people in clean energy so that they can be better prepared to enter the workforce in high tech fields.

"There’s real potential as we come out of this recession that what Governor Strickland’s done, and others, is going to help Ohio lead the way in clean energy and other kinds of technology," says Senator Brown.

Senator Brown says education is where it all starts. The state has plans for a solar field in Muskingum County, wind turbines in Cleveland, among others. These projects create a need for jobs which will give young Ohioans a reason to stay in Ohio.

"There are all kinds of things going on in Zanesville, Zane State and there are real opportunities. If we’re going to keep young people here we have to sell them on you’re going to have good jobs here and it’s up to us to help produce them.

Thursday’s round-table discussion was the continuation of the third annual ‘College President’s Conference’ held in Washington, D.C. last April.

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