Leave No Student Inside

Local News

The Wilds Animal Preserve in Muskingum County is participating in a statewide campaign to get kids outdoors.  It is called "Leave No Child Inside".

John Glenn biology students spent the day outside learning about nature at The Wilds. The Director of Conservation Denise Natoli Brooks said as part of the movement different parts of the state connected together to a live video feed from Columbus where Governor Ted Strickland unveiled the Outdoor Bill of Rights for Children.

The rally wants to get kids healthier by getting them outside.

"I think just visiting our amazing resourses in Ohio whether it be there are beautiful places like The Wilds, or the State Parks, or National Forests….just taking some time outdoors," Brooks said.

Brooks said The Wilds wanted to help celebrate the accomplishments of the rally and also raise awareness.

"The increase in obesity is definitely part of this movement because not only does connecting with nature help with your test scores it calms you it makes you more civil to others but it makes you physically and metally healthier," Brooks said.

Local officials from Muskingum, Morgan and Guernsey Counties signed proclamations in support of the effort to get kids outdoors.