Local Student Wins National Competition

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A local student wins a national speech competition.

West Muskingum Freshman Lauren Paul won the grand prize at the God, Flag, Country National speech competition in Louisville, Kentucky.

The contest sponsored by the fraternal order of Eagles is promoting patriotism for young people. In the speech you have to talk about either God, Flag, or Country. Lauren choose to do all three.

"I think that God, Flag, and Country are all really important. I think all three have to do with one another so why not do all three," Lauren Paul said.

She said it was a privilege to get all the way to nationals. West Muskingum Middle School Teacher Gail Calcasola said they are all really proud of her.

"She has done a wonderful job. She wrote this speech herself and it comes from the heart. She tied it to the Olympic theme which was very timely, of course last year, and the competition essentially took place over the course of a year. Lauren is an excellent writer. Lauren has a great sense of responsibility and dedication and it is wonderful to see a young person like this success in and endeavor where she has really put her heart to work," Calcasola said.

Paul won a $1,000 cash prize and also a $2,000 scholarship.

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