Budget Issues Concern City Council

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The Zanesville Fire Department is currently struggling to stay within their overtime budget.

At Monday’s Public Safety meeting, members of City Council along with representatives from the fire department, including Fire Chief Dave Lacy, discussed the current state of the department. With only half of last year’s overtime budget, the city’s fire department is running into problems staying within their $200,000 allotment.

"As things go right now, the average over the last year, they’re set to be in the negative $41,000 by the end of the year. There is a possibility that that could go down or could go up depending on how much they spend in the coming weeks," says Councilman Andrew Roberts.

Roberts says Council needs to examine the department’s contracts to see what the options are.

"Just some clarification of what the contract says and what we need to supply for the fire department to do their job and to protect the citizens of Zanesville."

Currently, the "minimum man" staffing for a squad is 12 firefighters.

Also in the safety meeting, the Zanesville Police Department expressed the issue of having only one dispatcher on duty during certain hours. There were talks of merging both the county and city dispatch.

In addition, the possibility of amending a current ordinance to allow bow hunting within the city limits to control the deer population was also discussed.

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