Coshocton Canal Festival

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One event is bringing out many members of the Coshocton community.

The Coshocton Canal Festival celebrated it’s 11th Annual Car Show in the downtown area. About 60 cars were on display. Vendors of all sorts were on site to raise money for the first step family violence program.  

"They help out a lot of families, child abuse, things like that, a I think that a lot of families are in need, so they do a lot of that," said Steve Murray, Member of the Coshocton Town Center.

Murray says the community continues to show it’s support every year.

"Because we had a lot of sponsors sometimes they would maybe sponsor ten trophies, give us a big money donation, but you know with the economy the way it is, it is really really difficult but boy I’ll tell you people in Coschocton County they step forward every time," he said.

A parade and live performance from a local artist were also held in the evening. 

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