Tips to Stay Safe in the Heat

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It’s been hard to stay cool with temperatures in the 90’s this week and the Red Cross has some tips to help you stay safe in the heat.

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross’ Julie Davis said the most important thing for people to do is to drink plenty of water. She said when it’s this hot make sure you dress in light colored clothing and stay inside as much as possible.

"If you have to be outside try to limit that. Folks that work outside they need to be able to take frequent breaks drink lots of fluids especially water," Davis said.

Davis said the heat is harder on children and the elderly.

"Drink more that what you think you need because that is not a good indicator to think ‘oh I’m not thirsty I don’t need it’ but the problem with heat emergencies is that it kinda sneaks up on your body and your in trouble before you realize it," Davis said.

Davis said heat exhaustion is the step right before heat stroke. Exhaustion is when people are still sweaty they may be nauseated or vomiting but they are still sweating allowing their body to cool down. But a heat stroke is when a person doesn’t sweat because they have to fluids to sweat their skin will be hot to the touch. Davis said try to get them to drink water and cool them with wet clothes and call for help.

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