Medal of Honor Recipient Dons New Blazer

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88 American patriots throughout the country will be receiving special blazers. One of them lives locally.

On January 12, 1952, Ron Rosser received the highest award given to military personnell, the Congressional Medal of Honor for his outstanding service in Korea. Since medal recipients spend a lot of time together, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society approached men’s clothier, Hart Schaffner and Marx to present recipients with special blazers.

Ron is one of 13 living Korean Conflict recipients and explains what the blazer means to him. "It’s a great honor, ma’am. It’s a tribute to all of us that the people in America still care. This happened to me a long, long time ago. In fact, most of the people in America weren’t even born when this happened to me," says Ron Rosser, Medal of Honor Recipient.

Wade’s Clothing in Zanesville helped to fit Ron for his new blazer which has some unique and special touches.

"Inside it has a flag of the United States and also has a flag on the lapel. It also has Ron’s name engraved on his coat, it makes it real special," says Wade’s co-owner Larry Wade.

Ron is 80 years old. In September, he will be attending a meeting with fellow Medal of Honor recipients in Charleston, South Carolina where they will all be donning their blazers.


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