New Piece Added to Lima Company Memorial

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The artist who designed the Lima Company Memorial is adding a new piece to the collection. It’s a piece that includes a fallen local soldier.

Brad Harper is one of three men in the painting, who were attached with the Lima Company for the day and died with the soldiers back in 2005 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"They can almost come off that canvas, and you feel like you’ve almost got them back again. Their spirit of camaraderie that we see in their faces. They’ve all got that smile, which makes us smile. A smile in our hearts, and that’s what they need to give us to help keep us going, " says mother of soldier David Wimberg, Tricia Wimberg, who was standing close and holding on to the mother of soldier Brad Harper, Janet Harper.

The artist, Anita Miller, has painted both of the women’s sons. She says these pieces tell a story of love, sacrifice, and gratitude, and it’s important for people to experience the emotion they share with those who see them.

"Not only because it’s healing for us as a country to be able to wrap our hearts around what’s going on and the loss of all our communities that we are all experiencing. We need to have a place we can come together and experience that all together, " says Miller.

Miller says it also supports the families, especially when they see total strangers come out and appreciate their loss.

The Lima Company Memorial will be on display at Secrest Auditorium through August 7th.

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