“Idol” Hopeful Serenades Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

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His day job might be scooping ice cream, but a Zanesville man is setting his sights on hearing those four little words.

Levi Funk has worked at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl for nearly eight years, but now, he’s heading to New Jersey to follow his dream, and try out for "American Idol" in hopes of hearing "You’re going to Hollywood!"

"I’ve been playing music since I was nine-years-old and practicing two hours a day so this is something I just really really want. Want for my family, want for my friends, want for everybody and I’m ready to go," says "Idol" hopeful, Levi Funk.

Those who were in Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl Friday even got a little sneak preview of what he will be performing for the judges. He says that through his gift of music, his ultimate goal is to make people happy.

"To play for hundreds, thousands, I don’t really care. I’ve played for three people before. I just want to make people happy, that’s my main goal in life is to bring joy to people," says Funk.

Levi heads out tomorrow afternoon for East Rutherford, New Jersey and he takes with him the support of coworkers, and family members, not to mention a great voice.

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