Tradition in Perry County

Local News

Tradition is binding together one small village in Perry County.

For 26 years, Somerset has been holding their annual celebration with food, antique cars, and lots of people. It begins with a parade that travels through the village and ends at Somerset Memorial Park. The celebration is funded through the generosity of the community.

"This whole thing doesn’t happen without the support of the village and they’ve been very very supportive every year, all the money we raise to do this which has grown to be pretty a expensive show has come from this community," says Dennis R. Kessoer, Celebration Committee.

People come to the celebration for the fun of it.

"Oh we just like it, it’s kind of homey like, kinda homey," says Evelyn Notestone.

"Eat food and talk with friends," says Amber Thompson.

The event costs around $25,000 to put on. The committee hopes that after Saturday, the event will cover itself.