Boy Scouts Adventurous: In Reading

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Boy Scouts of America is also celebrating an anniversary.

As a part of their centennial celebration, the Boy Scouts held "Adventures in Reading." Numerous boys were recognized for their reading achievements, and Galaxy Press was there to promote the importance of reading, and provide some entertainment.

"We decided to do this event in Zanesville. We’ve not done this before but it’s a perfect matching up of boys who should be reading with the reading merit badges as a perfect carrot to get them to read," says President and Publisher of Galaxy Press, John Goodwin.

Two Hollywood actors who are a part of a group called "Stories from the Golden Age" were there to re-enact one of author L. Ron Hubbard’s classic stories.

"It’s great to entertain the kids but to also send the message that reading is fun because these stories are really fun. There’s adventure, there’s mystery, there’s science fiction, there’s drama," says actor Joshua Robert Thompson.

"We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts which is a great accomplishment, and we’re here to promote reading," says actor John Mariano.

More than 20 Boy Scouts received their merit badges and numerous cub scouts were given belt loops.