Commemorating 189 Years at First Baptist

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A local church is celebrating its 189th anniversary, and the members that have kept it alive.

Aside from their usual service, First Baptist Church in downtown Zanesville provided its members and the community with a day of celebration on Sunday.

"We are celebrating our church’s 189th anniversary. We’ve been ministering to the community of Zanesville for 189 years and we have also coupled that with the dedication of a stained glass window in honor of one of our previous members. Her name was Ruth Kerner," says Pastor Joe Seese of First Baptist Church.

Ruth Kerner was a member of the church for 85 years before she passed away in 2007. The church also recognizes 50-year members by planting rose bushes.

"Last year, when i got to be a 50-year member, it’s like one of those bushes is me, and it means an awfully lot," says Mary Jo Brink, a member of First Baptist for 51 years.

Marilyn Humphrey has been a member for 54 years. "So it has meant a lot to be a member of this church, a Bible-believing church in the middle of downtown Zanesville."

Following a luncheon, the Y-City Barber Shoppers held a concert for the public at 1p.m.

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