Day for the Dogs

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It was a day for the dogs today at the Muskingum County Animal Shelter.

Pet Day brought out vendors, obedience trainers, and even a frisbee team. The event is a time for the shelter to give back to the community.

"it’s a fun thing to do with the community. Get them to come out to the shelter, plus they learn some of the fun things you can do with your animals," says the Animal Shelter’s Executive Director Larry Hostetler.

Paws of Muskingum County and the Animal Shelter come together to put on the event. It gives them a chance to talk to people about important issues that have to do with their pets.

"While they’re here they can see some of the programs that we have and low cost spay and neuter clinic and all things come out and see some of the homeless animals that are available for adoption," says Hostetler.

There were several people today who made adoptions. The Animal Shelter encourages people to come check out some of the animals they currently have up for adoption.


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