CPR Turns Fifty

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A life-saving procedure celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR was developed in 1960 by the American Heart Association. Since then, it has continued to save peoples’ lives.

"It’s like step one to saving lives. Anyone can do it, knowing what to do in times of emergency is key, recognizing that emergency and getting help on the way then getting CPR are the steps," says Senior Education Consultant, Carol Howdyshell.

Since 1960, CPR techniques have come a long way.

"It has changed dramatically. They continue to do research so that it continues to improve lives looking at their processes and things like that. Starting out doing the compressions and adding in the breathing and now we have the automatic external debribulators that really saves lives significantly so it’s always changing," says Howdyshell.

One thing that isn’t changing is the need for people to learn CPR. Last year, the American Heart Association had 357,801 people learn CPR nationwide during CPR week. The numbers for this year are still being calculated. For information on classes you can go to the Genesis Healthcare System website at www.genesishcs.org.


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