Summer Lunch Feeds Any Student

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One local group isn’t letting any child go hungry this summer.

The Summer Lunch Program is now being run by the Zanesville City Schools. They have always done the cooking and now they are taking over the administration. Food and Service Director for Zanesville City Schools’ Darrell Lear said they will be serving lunch Monday through Friday all summer long at all seven of the city’s parks as well as Grover Cleveland and Roosevelt Middle schools.

"Our Lunch Program serves kids that come to the buildings. Which is anyone who is in band, track, football, basketball, baseball, anything that goes on volleyball. Anyone that’s in there we serve breakfast as well as lunch," Lear said.

Lear said the program feeds *any school age child within the city limits. He said they will feed well over 1,000 kids a day.

"They’re there and they’re hungry and what better thing to see if a smile on a kids face when he’s hungry he’s not crying when he’s not hungry," Lear said.

Lear said they will start serving lunches Monday June 14th. Depending on the location lunch will be between 11 to 12:30. For more information you can call the Zanesville Administration Building at 588-5577.

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