Father Needs Help Burying Family Killed in Crash

Local News

It’s something no one expects to happen. Five family members killed in one car crash on Interstate 70 Wednesday. Now one father is left to pick up the pieces.

Thomas Nessline lost his fiancé 23-year-old Tiffany Irwin, his infant daughter Ava Nessline, and his three-year-old step-son Dallas Wickham, when Irwin’s Cavalier crossed the median. Also killed were his fiancé’s mother 41-year-old Maria Barnhill and uncle 39-year-old Scott Skeens.

Now Nessline is left with memories of his family.

"Tiffany she was a wonderful person. She had a heart of gold and she would do anything for anybody. And Ava in her short eight months of life, she’s a bundle of joy and you know we really miss her. And Dallas as well, he was a handful, but he was a good boy and I’m going to really miss him," says Nessline.

The family has no life insurance, so the funeral expenses fall onto Nessline’s shoulders and he’s asking the community for help.

"I would like to have a proper burial and cremation is the cheapest thing that they can offer you and that’s one thing that I don’t want to do, so I really, I really, I’m just asking for anything that can help so I can give my daughter a proper burial, that’d be great," he says.

Friends have set up a fund at all Huntington Banks in Muskingum County, Nessline says the support is helping him through this tragedy.

"I’m holding it together as best I can. You know I didn’t expect to lose my whole family in one shot, but I’m as best as I can be expected," he says. "It’s taken a big weight off my shoulders to know that I’m not alone, that there are people out there willing to help."

You too can donate money to help with the funeral expenses at any Huntington Bank in Muskingum County. The fund is the Nessline/Irwin Memorial Fund.