Zanesville Family Shares Story of House Fire

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A Zanesville family is trying to get back to a regular routine after two rooms in their home suffered major damage from a kitchen fire.

It also caused smoke damage throughout the entire home.

"It puts a lot of things in perspective. You soon realize exactly how much you have, not only material-wise but friends and family, " says homeowner Travis Miller.

Travis and his wife, Sherri, were settling down for the night when the power went out around 8 p.m. Friday.

"We were cooking supper at the time, and shortly after the electric went out. We got a phone call that the shop where my wife works at had flooded. So, we left here to go deal with the flooding, " says Miller.

When everything was in order at Larry’s Pet Grooming shop, Travis says they came home to find their home on fire, and they had five dogs and five cats inside.

"Got 2 of the dogs out that were upstairs. The other 3 were in the basement, and I ran the car through the basement door to get them because it was pretty smoke-filled by the time we’d gotten here, " says Miller.

Travis says after speaking with his neighbors, he found out the power came back on about 20 minutes before they arrived home. He says they had left a pot of oil on the stove and believes it eventually got hot enough to catch on fire.

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross is assisting the family. They are staying with friends and relatives.

Travis says he hopes to re-build the home he and Sherri have lived at for 15 years.

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