Money for Incoming Freshman

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Ohio University-Zanesville is helping about 200 incoming Freshman pay for college.

The program is called Access for Success. It helps lower the cost of higher education for new, full-time students who haven’t ever been to college before.

"It’s in effect a scholarship of about $1,550 a year. So, what it does is it reduces our tuition to just a little over $3,000. So, it’s a very affordable, accessible program, " says OU-Z Dean Jim Fonseca.

OU-Z is able to offer this program based on its budget, which is consists of both money from students’ tuition and funding from the state.

"So, we have enough to give some of it back to students, and hopefully, we’ll attract more students, " says Fonseca.

Fonseca says the ultimate goal is to lessen the burden for students when they eventually have to pay college loans.

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