Improving Response Times

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Have you ever wondered why there’s a Community Ambulance crew sitting in the parking lot at Lowe’s on the north-end of Zanesville, or why you typically see one when you pass the Marathon Station along State Route 60, near the Ohio 719 bridge?

That’s because the emergency crews are attempting to minimize response time on calls.

"Truly every second counts. That’s why we have the lights and sirens, but just planning on the front end, " says Executive Director, Phil Koster.

So, depending on how many ambulances are available for the day, the remaining ones are assigned in certain areas throughout Muskingum and Perry counties.

"It’s kind of like a game of chess, if you will. Just moving those pieces around, depending on where you think the next call is going to come in, time of day, population, ect, " says Koster.

Koster says every six months, Community Ambulance evaluates how effective these stations are and adjusts the locations accordingly.

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