Canned Air as an Inhalant

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More and more teenagers are taking part in an activity, known as dusting.

It’s where you get high by spraying canned air into a bag. While dusting has been around for a while, parents are just starting to take notice.

"Some parents just say my kid won’t do that. Just by saying your son or daughter won’t do that, that denial, that possibility is there that could harm your child, " says Muskingum Behavioral Health Executive Director, Steve Carrel.

But canned air is cheap and easy to get a hold of.

"Canned air is everywhere. Most of us have it in our homes because we have computers and high definitions TV’s that we can blow the dust off of. So, it’s out there, " says Carrel.

Getting high off canned air is considered an inhalant. It’s also referred to as a mood altering drug. Taking part in dusting can cause permanent damage, including memory loss, hearing loss, or even death.

Carrel says some precautions have been taken to reduce the number of teenagers who dust. He says some stores have moved canned air behind the counter and will only sell the product to adults. Some companies producing the canned air have also added warnings to the bottle along with a bittering agent to prevent inhaling usage.

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