Local Fathers Graduate

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Forever Dads and the Nuturing Fathers for Life Alumni Association are recognizing one group of men who are attempting to become better fathers.

The seven men graduated from the 13 week program this afternoon. Executive Director, Burl Lemon, says it’s a step forward for the families, especially the children.

"When we begin to realize seven out of 10 children whose parents are incarcerated, they will follow those paths, we need to reverse that cycle, " says Lemon.

The men learned how to better their relationships with their children and the impact that they can have on these young lives. Their eyes were opened to different parenting styles, but most importantly, lemon says these men learned something important about themselves.

"I would hope that they would experience a freedom to become who they were created to be, " says Lemon.

Lemon says they were created to be healthy fathers.

After the ceremony, the men were able to celebrate with their families at a backyard barbeque.

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