A Big Day for Little Darby

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The day one local little girl and her family have been waiting for is finally right around the corner.

Seven-year old Darby Bolyard is a rambunctious little girl with exciting news.

"I get a kidney transplant!" she said.

You might not guess it by looking at her, but Darby suffers from ARPKD, a rare kidney disease that can affect other organs in the body.

"People that don’t know her, don’t know anything is wrong," said her mother, Jacqueline Bolyard.

Darby was diagnosed with the disease at just five-weeks old. Doctors told her family she would eventually need a kidney transplant, and after years of waiting, it’s about to happen.

"They were going to do it last summer and the last summer, but they
never decided," said Darby. "They’re going to do it this summer."

Darby’s family is excited for the day to finally arrive.

"That’s big," said Jacqueline. "We’ve been waiting for that for quite a long time."

And Darby knows just what this transplant means.

"They’re going to cut it open right here and fix the blood so it will go to my heart and go down into my kidneys so that it will wash the blood," she said.

As for Darby’s family, it’s not just the wait that’s been torture.

"It’s very hard when they tell you your child needs something and you can’t give it to them," said Jacqueline.

But lucky for Darby, she found a donor right under her nose.

Jacqueline is the principal of Crooksville High School and partnered with the Red Cross’ Lori Gaitten to boost the local blood supply and get the word out for her daughter.

It turns out Lori herself, was the match they’d been waiting for.

"I really think that things have worked out the way they’re supposed to, and this is what’s supposed to happen," said Jacqueline.

Darby will go into the hospital tomorrow for the first step of the transplant called a port cavel shunt. Doctors will remove the kidney and divert the blood around the liver to go to her heart.

There is a risk with each surgery, but Jacqueline is optimistic.

"You just have to have faith that everything’s going to work out the way that it’s supposed to. We’ve gotten this far," said Jacqueline. "There have been a lot of things that should have been worse than they ended up being, so this will be okay too."

Darby will under-go the actual transplant at the end of June.

Tune in later this week when we hear from the donor herself and why she chose to donate.

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