Coconis Opening 2nd Store

Local News

The north end of Zanesville is welcoming a new business to the old Lazyboy Furniture Store.

You have probably seen signs going up outside the facility at the intersection of Adair and Maple Avenues. Coconis Furniture is opening up a second store and moving in.

Owner Randy Coconis says this store will be different though, using a new concept that is sweeping the nation.

"It’s basically kind of like the build-a-bear thing. It’s buying furniture that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Select a sofa, select tables, select rugs, select lamps, and you’re ready to go, " says Coconis.

But the store will also furnish mattresses. Coconis says he wants his business to appeal to a different kind of audience.

"That’s probably the younger is what over main store has not done as well catering to. So, this is going to be people setting up a room or maybe somebody coming in temporarily, somebody that moves around a lot, or maybe the rent-to-own customer can just come in and be done…bam bam bam. They can be out of here in 15 minutes, " says Coconis

The official opening date of the new store is this Friday.