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Going Green and buying organic not only helps the environment, but encourages a healthier lifestyle as well.

The grocery store Kroger says that more people come into the store seeking out healthy alternatives like the 7th Generation Cleaning Products.

"They aren’t petroleum based like other cleaning products are," said Kroger’s Nature’s Market Section Employee Kylie Johnson. "They are made out of biodegradable material. There’s still some skepticism over it, but people are warming up to the idea of it."

And eating organic foods can also keep your body healthy.

"It’s not only helping the environment, it’s helping families just to save money for businesses and families. It’s helping families by having organic products because it’s cutting down on your pesticide intake," said Johnson.

Johnson said that eating organic can cut down on pesticide intake by up to 90 percent. She also recommends for families looking to go green to use reusable cloth bags instead of plastic or paper at the grocery store.

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