Downtown Cambridge Sees Face-Lift

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The City of Cambridge will be busy this summer beautifying their downtown.

Thanks to a $400,000 grant, the facades of 22 buildings will be updated, as well as code work and paving.

"This year it’s been really great because we got 28 businesses signed up," said Director of the Economic and Community Development Department Steven Geirhart. "Anywhere from facades to codework, awnings. We’ll give them up to $10,000."

The city is partnering with the Main Street group as well as ODOT and private investors to finish work that he says needs to be done.

"When you put the streets done and all the new building facades. We have some businesses downtown where the codework really needs to be done," he said. "When that’s done, we’re going to have a really nice street."

Geirhart says improved streets will help during the winter months with tourism in the Dickens Village. He says last year’s tourist numbers have already been scheduled and it’s only April.

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