Republicans Seeking 18th District Seat

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Eight Republican candidates are battling for the 18th Congressional District Chair.

Tonight the last two candidates vying for the seat Zack Space currently holds, voice why they should have a chance to challenge the congressman in the November election.

"I’m committed to help take this country back and get the spending under control and get the economy going again and get people back to work," said Republican candidate Bob Gibbs. "I think with my business experience, my legislative experience in the Ohio legislature, I’m the most qualified to get that done."

"I’m a big proponent of civil liberties and also a big proponent of repealing a lot of the legislation that’s been enacted since 9/11 happened like the Patriot Act, the Cyber Security Act, the John Warner Defense Act," said candidate Michael Royer. "I’m also in favor of NAFTA and doing tax cuts to bring back jobs to the United States."

Thursday night in Elson Hall at the Ohio University-Zanesville Campus, the candidates took questions and told an audience of around 200 people where they stand on the issues.

The eight will battle against each other in the May primary and then against Zack Space in the regular November election.

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