More Corn Possible This Year

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The United States Department of Agriculture is projecting a near record corn harvest across the US as well as a large soybean harvest.

Muskingum County’s OSU Extension Educator, Mark Mechling, says our local farmers typically reflect these national trends and farmers are expected to plant more acres of corn this year.

"The recent warm weather, dry weather has been conducive for farmers here locally, at least to plant more corn, " says Mechling.

However, spring’s unpredictability with frost and rain could ruin farmer’s plans.

"What farmers will do is if the weather isn’t conducive for corn to be planted and we get into late May, early June where they haven’t gotten their corn planted, some of them will go to soybeans. Some will go to a shorter season of hybrid corn where it doesn’t require as many days to mature, " says Mechling.

If conditions work out for farmers and the corn crop is able to thrive, that could mean lower prices for consumers.

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