2 Morning Fires Deemed Arson

Local News

The Zanesville Fire Department is calling two early morning, vacant garage fires arson.

Crews responded to a structure fire in the 400 block of Schaum Avenue around two a.m. where they found an intense fire. Fire Chief, Dave Lacy, says firefighters were able to get the blaze under control within a half hour. The structure is a total loss, and the heat of the fire also caused some collateral damage to three surrounding buildings.

Lacy says when crews began to investigate that fire, his department had released a ladder truck to go back to the station. While that truck was traveling down Ridge Avenue, it located a second structure fire from the road in the 400 block of Hedgewood Avenue. The structure also suffered major damage.

Lacy says it’s unclear which fire was started first. He says the garages were lit using materials already at the scenes that people had left behind after they moved.

There are no suspects at this time.

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