Calling all Beautiful Babies!

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Does your child have a face that could make them a star?

Next Saturday at Community Holiness Church in New Lexington, Ohio’s Fabulous Faces is holding a baby contest and fabulous face search.

"Basically they come on stage and we are not looking for a fancy dress, not a lot of make up or overdone, we are just looking for a fabulous face," says Dawn Crooks, the director of Ohio’s Fabulous Faces.

The contest is open to boys and girls and there are fourteen different age categories for children to compete in. Crooks says competing gives children confidence.

"I know just from experience with my daughter, she has gained a lot of self confidence with it. At state and national levels they have chances to win big savings bonds," explains Crooks.

The winners at the Perry County level will receive fifty dollar savings bonds and their registration paid to state. There are agents and scouts at the national level and the child could win one thousand dollars. For seven -ear-old Ohio Ambassador, Olivia Crooks, it is the simple things that she loves about pageants.

"You get to do your hair and make up," says Olivia.

To sign up for the beauty contest and fabulous face search, go to the "Fabulous Faces" link above.


Katie Jeffries

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