Forever Dads Recognition Ceremony

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More than 600 fathers and their families are helped by the program Forever Dads each year.

Tonight the organization wanted to recognize those who have helped the program be so successful.

"It’s just a recognition of all the people and all the things we’ve done this year," said Forever Dads Board of Directors President Allen Bennet. "It will bring some attention to what we’re doing in our organization."

Forever Dads Executive Director Burl Lemon said the program stresses the impact fathers can have on their children.

"We have found that father absence is the destruction of the family," said Forever Dads Executive Director Burl Lemon. "You look around our community and you see children who are just lost, looking for someone they can model after, someone they can look up to. Someone who will protect as well as provide for them. That’s the role a father plays and we’re trying to restore that."

Lemon said the goal of Forever Dads is to engage and educate fathers to be a positive parent for their children.

The program holds events like bootcamps for new fathers and an inside out program, which educates fathers on how to be a parent even though they’re incarcerated.

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