Dental Visits a Must for Kids

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The American Dental Association is pressing the issue of good dental health among kids.

It’s recommended that children visit the dentist every six months, but some don’t make it that often and other don’t make it at all.

Muskingum Valley Heath Center Dentist Andrew Nash says sometimes financial issues come into play and families sacrifice their dental visits. He also says there are some parents out there who don’t think maintaining baby teeth is as important as maintaining primary teeth.

"Primary dentition is important for nutrition, speech and development, and also making space for the adult teeth, " says Nash.

Dentists also encourage parents to bring in their kids so they can put fluoride varnish on their teeth.

"A lot of individuals live out in the country or don’t have fluoride in their water. Depending on the community you live in, some public systems don’t have fluoride in their water, " says Nash.

The fluoride varnish helps strengthen the teeth and prevent decay.

Nash says the number one reason to bring kids to the dentist is to teach them proper brushing habits at a young age that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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