Best Loser Challenge Showing Results

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About 130 local residents are serious about shedding some pounds and signed up to be a part of The Fieldhouse’s Best Loser Challenge.

It’s been a month, and owner, Mick Amicone, says participant attendance is up from years past.

"Even with the snow, some have shared that they’re tired of being snowed in. So, some of them are even figuring out, however, to get here. Getting a ride with someone who’s got four-wheel drive, but they’re getting here, " says Amicone.

The Best Loser Challenge offers participants nutrition classes and one-on-one time with The Fieldhouse’s seven trainers.

"We try to fine-tune everybody’s workout based on what limitations they are bringing to The Fieldhouse, " says Amicone.

Amicone says participants have expressed how happy they are already with their results.

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