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Some people will take extraordinary measures when it comes to getting well or staying healthy.

In her three part series focusing on alternative medicine, WHIZ’s Audry Kensicki shows us how what some people would consider torture others say is their salvation.

"It might feel like a little, tiny pinch, but once it’s in, you really can’t tell," said Bethany Thompson.

Thompson suffers from migraines and jaw pain and after years of doctors and medication, she wanted to try something else.

"I thought that would be great, not to have to take as much medication," she said. "Control my pain naturally and not use as much medication."

So Bethany looked at acupuncture, an alternative form of medicine. Or as Acupuncturist Sara McVey calls it, complimentary medicine.

"We integrate what we do with your treatment, with your physician," said McVey. "We don’t stop medicines or anything you’re doing with your primary care doctor."

And after only a few months of treatments, Bethany was seeing results.

"You’re always going to have that portion of people where it does not benefit them," McVey said. "But 90% of the population is going to respond."

And for those who cringe at even the mention of needles…

"Their only perception of it is a hypodermic needle that they go to the doctor with," said McVey. "These are solid needles so they don’t cut the skin, they kind of slide between the cells."

"You feel very comfortable," Thompson said. "Sometimes I fall asleep."

Just a little pinch. That what Bethany says of her monthly acupuncture treatments.

A regimen she says has given her life back.

"I have done more in this year that i have ever done in several years," she said. "I’ve been able to enjoy life more."

Tune in Tuesday for the second part of the alternative medicine series, where Audry will look at the benefits of yoga and reflexology.

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