Shoveling Snow Can Cause Heart Problems

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Many people in our area found themselves digging out from the snow storm, but shoveling the heavy snow can lead to serious heart and back problems.

Dr. Keith Brantley with Good Samaritan Hospital says heart attacks increase significantly in the winter months, particularly while people are shoveling snow. For some residents, shoveling snow can be the first exercise they receive in the winter and that can put their heart at risk.

"Patients if they get chest pain, while shoveling snow should stop immediately and consult their physician and let them know that is going on.  You don’t want to try and work through that because a lot of patients will wind up in the hospital with heart attacks in that situation," says Dr. Keith Brantley.

It is important to wear proper clothing while shoveling snow to prevent your arteries from constricting in the cold. Also while shoveling snow, lift with your knees and do not twist your back.


Katie Jeffries

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