Big Water/Sewer Project for Zanesville

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Zanesville will see many water/sewer projects throughout the city over the next 10 years.

According to Zanesville Public Service Director Mike Sims the EPA mandates the city replace combined sewers where, when the storm flow exceeds the pipe’s capacity, they discharge to the river.

"We have been into the program a little bit and have completed parts of a couple of the overflows," said Sims. "These are outfalls where are combined sewers when the storm flow exceeds the pipe capacity, they discharge to the river. They’re permitted by the EPA, but they’re pushing all cities eliminate."

Although the project will cost a combined $30 million, the city did get some help from the government.

"We were fortunate enough to apply for and receive funding from the stimulus program for three different projects that were sewer related," he said. "One was more related to our water plant."

Sims said, even after the stimulus money, there will still be about $25 million for the city to pay.

Separating the lines will reduce the amount of water that needs to be processed at the waste water plant.

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