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A local businessman and philanthropist is being honored for his service to Muskingum County.

Dick McClelland is receiving the Dick Johnson Civic Leadership Award from the Muskingum County Community Foundation. Executive Director Dave Mitzel says the award is given to a person who is a successful businessman, community leader and philanthropist.

"Mr. McClelland has been an exceptional business man he’s headed up as president of Shelly and Sands, Eagle Sticks, they have a standard bred horse business, he and his wife Joyce. He has quitely, and without fanfare given to the community and people who really needed help," says Dave Mitzel, the Exec. Director of MCCF.

McClelland is the 12th person to receive the award. The Dick Johnson Civic Leadership Award and the Brian T. Wagner award will be officially given during the annual Ground Hog Auction on January 29th.

"So at 5:00 p.m. the doors open and people come into the Campus Center at Zane State-OUZ and start bidding on silent auction, start eating, start drinking, start smoozing, it is the major smooze event of the year," says Mitzel.

Mitzel says the art community has really stepped up to support the auction. All the money will go to fund grants within Muskingum County. Tickets for the ground hog day auction are $25 dollars and can be purchased at www.MCCF.org


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