Keeping Your Plants Healthy Through Winter

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Jack Frost is nipping at plants in gardens throughout our area, but there are things you can do to make sure your plants survive this harsh winter.

"Gardening is 12 months of the year, it is not just something you do when it is warm and even for people that maybe buy all their plants that are maybe started by somebody else you still have got to think about how the ground is being prepared, how is it being treated and if you have plants that you are trying to keep over the winter you got to think about how those are going to suffer through especially this extreme weather," says Annie Warmke from the Blue Rock Station.

Annie says different plants have different requirements so it is important to research your plants to see what kind of care is needed. To survive the cold weather, many plants need to be mulched and covered and winter is a time of rest for plants, so when they freeze it does not necessarily harm them. It is also possible to continue growing some plants in pots indoors during the winter.

"Radishes, anything that doesn’t mind the cold too much, so those are all things you can even grow in a tray or maybe your cats or your dogs are inside a lot more in the winter and you could grow pots of grass for them because that is very soothing to their gut," explains Annie Warmke.

Annie says winter is a time of dreaming for gardeners. They can go through seed catalogs and decide what they want from their garden in the upcoming spring and summer. Annie recommends that first time gardeners decide what they want to eat, research their plant and keep a journal about it. Also, knowing the amount of time you can spend gardening is important in deciding the size of your garden.

"So it is just saying, what is it I want my garden to do for my family this year and for me and how much time do I have to put into it. I am just going to stick the seed in there and then I don’t have time or I don’t seem to have the energy so grow in pots," says Annie Warmke.

For a more information on gardening, Annie will be teaching a workshop at the annual Ohio Educational Food and Farm Association Conference February 13th in Granville and she will be teaching a workshop on raised bed gardening at Blue Rock Station March 27th. For more information go to the "Blue Rock Station" link above.



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