Ghosts Dwell in the Twin City Opera House

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People say they have experienced something other wordly with in the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville.

Built in 1890 the opera house has seen thousands of visitors and actors, but ghost hunters believe some never left.

"It is pretty haunted, let me tell you, it is one of the most active and consistently active places I know paranormally," tells Marty Myers a Case Manager for the Central Ohio Ghost Squad.

Myers and his partner, Eric Glosser, have researched and recorded paranormal activity within these walls and they say the opera house is one of the most haunted buildings in all of Ohio.

"I have had a lot of activity, even last night with the guy we call Red Wine Robert, he seems to have quite a sense of humor fluctuating the temperature back and forth," tells Eric Glosser a Director with the Central Ohio Ghost Squad.

While on the cat walk we briefly made contact with Red Wine Robert.

"Robert? Robert? And you can usually tell because you will get a chill, well look at my arms right now, goosebumps and a chill everywhere,"  said Glosser as the electro magnetic field monitor beeped profusely.

Ghost hunters use video cameras, voice recorders and electro magnetic field monitors to record paranormal activity. Myers and Glosser both say they have seen apparitions and black shadowy figures and even heard a child giggling in the opera house.

There are at least five distinct ghosts within the opera house and most are very friendly toward people, but something far more sinister resides in the basement.

"A lot of people had shadow activity, things will move behind you til you are so uncomfortable you want to move. Growling has been heard behind people, people have been thunked on the head very occasionally," says Myers.

A black shadowy mass was caught moving in the basement by two separate cameras. Executive Director of the opera house, Adam Shriver, says even his staff will not come down to the basement alone and many have reported experiencing paranormal activity.

"Many of the staff members claimed to have seen strange things moving around and shadows and things like that," tells Shriver.

The Central Ohio Ghost Squad is holding a ghost hunt October 30th beginning at 10:00 PM. To sign up click the link above.  Myers and Glosser say just one night at the opera house will make a believer out of you.


Katie Jeffries