Some Heroes Unknown, but Save Lives

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For some, their hero may be a professional athlete, a doctor, or a family member.

But for Frank Lloyd, his hero is someone he’s never met. In fact, all frank knows about her is that she was 26 years old when she saved his life.

"You hear people talk about being a hero like a firefighter, how they rush in and save people from a fire," said Lloyd. "You don’t hear about the heroes who donate organs where one person can save seven lives just through transplants."

Karen Jones is the wife of a heart recipient. She says the need for organ donation is severe. She says the waiting list for transplants is rising at an alarming rate, something she and her husband Tim experienced first hand.

"And then one day it was just like the world fell a part and the need for the heart became very apparent," said Jones. "It’s not something you think about, but you do appreciate the generosity of others when that happens."

Both Frank and Karen were out at the OUZ-Zane State Fall Fest today.

This year the festival joined with the Donate Life organization to educated students about their options for organ donation.

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