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Some of your Favorite WHIZ Radio Stations are making a change. 102.5 FM, known as Highway 102, is moving to Baltimore, Ohio and will become WCVZ.  The current WCVZ signal, known as 92.7, will revert to WHIZ FM here in Zanesville.

It has been a process that started almost 5 years ago.  WHIZ Media Group President Hank Littick says it is happening tonight (Wednesday) and it’s an exchange of call letters, applied to their frrequencies.  He says 92.7 WCVZ will become WHIZ FM and 102.5 WHIZ FM will become WCVZ.  Litttick says it’s a little confusing, but essentially the call letters are going to swap.

The new WCVZ will continue with a country music format and will serve most of the Muskingum County area, but not all, It will open up access to hundreds of thousands of listeners west of Zanesville and all around the Columbus market.  Littick says where a lot of impact will be felt is the northwest and west side of Columbus.  He says starting today (Wednesday) that area will have a new radio station.  Littick says the move will also be a big win for advertisers who will have access to over 1.4 million potential listeners in the new signal area in an affordable, economical way.

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