Medians Changing Routes for Responders

Local News

The concrete medians have been installed on Maple Avenue to prevent drivers from making left-hand turns, but what about first responders going on emergency calls?

Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy says he does not think the medians will cause a problem to the department, because in their current design emergency vehicles can drive over the medians.

“Most of our vehicles I feel would be able too, but I don’t know if that’s the final product up there. Sometimes when they put the concrete medians in they also put posts in,” says Lacy.

Because of the medians the Fire Department may take alternative routes since they will not be able to travel up the turning lane around traffic.

“It’s going to be one of those time of day things. That traffic flow changes up there by the hour sometimes to where you have bumper to bumper and then you don’t have that,” he says.

Lacy says the have a signal pre-emption system in every vehicle that may help them alleviate the traffic congestion by changing the signal to a green light and allowing the traffic to clear.