HEAP May Get More Funding

Local News

The Home Emergency Assistance Program or HEAP is also providing some assistance this year, when it comes to families and their heating bills, and Community Services Coordinator, Gary Wilson, says the program may have more money to work with.

The amount of funding hasn’t officially been announced, but Wilson says the government will probably be providing between 800 thousand dollars and one million dollars in funding.

“Actually, it’s a bit of an increase. The government did decide to let us have an increase in heap thus year, and that’s going to benefit a lot because we’re going to have a lot of additional people signing up this year that we haven’t experienced before, ” says Wilson.

Wilson says the program will help pay up to 175 dollars worth of your heating utility bills. He says if that isn’t enough, families will be put on a payment plan.

“The main target is the elderly, individuals with medical conditions, and some children, ” says Wilson.

Wilson says the requirements to apply are the same. You need to bring a 90 day proof of income, disconnected notices, gas and electric heating utility bills, a photo ID, and your Social Security card.