Cambridge Fire Still Burning

Local News

Authorities were still on the scene Monday of a Sunday blaze, putting out hot spots that continue to burn even after the building was demolished.

The three-story historic building on Wheeling Avenue in Cambridge caught fire around 1:30 Sunday morning and was demolished by crews later that day after it was determined it was structurally unsafe.

The building housed an antique shop, martial arts studio, art guild and carpet store.

Fire officials say it’s inventory from those stores that is still burning Monday in the building’s basement.

“There’s still some debris in there and some of the stock that the store owners had in there, there’s no way to get to it, so when we brought the building down for safety reasons the fire’s still burning a little bit underneath the debris,” says Captain Joe Fowler, Cambridge Fire Department.

The Berwick Apartments, which were attached to the building also suffered damage when the building was destroyed. Engineers were called out to determine if the Berwick Apartment’s wall and stairwell were still structurally sound.

“There is some concern about it. The free-standing wall that you see here now, the back upper quarter there’s no support there. The wall is very secure, but it will have to come down because there’s nothing supporting it in the back structural compromise,” he says.

There’s no word yet on when residents of the Berwick Apartments will be allowed back into the building. That building also houses a hair salon and the United Way of Guernsey and Noble counties.

Fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.