Perry Twp Fire Celebrates 50 Years

Local News


Firefighters risk their lives every day to save those in our community.

Today the Perry Township Fire Department celebrates 50 years of doing so with food, fun and, of course, the community.

“We invited the community to come out, invited a lot of area fire departments, past members, people like that.  So they can come out and see what it is today versus 50 years ago, things have changed quite a bit,”tells Fire Chief Justin Rodgers.

Gear is more expensive, fire fighters go on more EMS runs and Rodgers says it is harder to find volunteers. But Rodgers says helping the community is very rewarding.

“We are always here for the community and we help other communities. We are here to do a service and we do the best that we can do,”says Chief Rodgers.

The Perry Township Fire Department is completely run by volunteers. The department will be holding a pancake breakfast October 31st to raise money.  To find out more or volunteer call (740) 452-3293
Katie Jeffries