GreenWing Teaches Kids About The Outdoors

Local News


The sound of shotgun blasts could be heard echoing off the hills in Nashport today. 

Around 90 kids learned the basics of shooting, archery and watercraft safety at the annual GreenWing event at Dillion Sportsman Center. GreenWing is sponsored by Ducks Unlimited which works to conserve and restore wetlands for water foul. Organizers say today aims to teach kids safety.

“We want them to appreciate the outdoors, gun safety, and how to shoot a gun properly.  We have archery here, we let them learn how to shoot a bow and arrow,” says David Mortimer the treasurer of Zanesville Ducks Unlimited.

Mortimer attended the GreenWing program as a child and it sparked his interest in the outdoors. Now he is a member of Ducks Unlimited and is happy to see more kids learning about the outdoors.

“Get children to do something they don’t typically get to do. You know not a lot of children have gotten to shoot a fire arm before and this gives them a chance to do that,” tells Mortimer.

At the end of the day each child got a prize. Prizes included shot guns, rifles, BB guns, fishing and outdoor equipment. Ducks Unlimited is holding a banquet October 22th to raise money for the conservation of wetland.  The banquet last year raised enough money to conserve 120 acres of wetland.  There will be rifle and gun shot raffles and it is all you can drink along with dinner.  Individual tickets are $100 and sponsor tickets are $275.
Katie Jeffries