Friendly Atmosphere and Lower Prices

Local News


A grocery store in downtown Zanesville is helping the community and offering residents lower prices.

The Come Unity Marketplace on 6th Street sells non-perishable food, cleaning items and various tolietries, all at a discounted price.

“So that family, that working poor, those people that are trying to rub those pennies together… this is the place to come to be able to purchase it,” tells Burl Lemon, Executive Director of Forever Dads.

All profit from the store goes to the Forever Dads program. The employees at the store are involved in employment programs, such as Experience Works. Lemon says the friendly, community atmosphere brings in a range of people.

“We have seen people from all walks of life come in here. Those who have no money and buying our Little Debbie Cakes, which are five for a dollar, to those that are wealthy driving their Lexus which is sitting out front now and loading up with our Gatorade,” tells Lemon.

The store accepts cash, credit cards and the Ohio Food Card. The grocery store is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM til 5 PM.

Katie Jeffries