Enrollment Breaks a Record at OUZ

Local News


A local university is breaking records.

The enrollment at Ohio University of Zanesville is up 7% to a total of 1,680 students. While more people are going back to school due to the economic downturn, OUZ believes its community outreach helped spark interest in higher education.

“Our mall promotion where 130 individuals from our community have taken advantage of a free class if they were out of school for more than 3 years and many of those students have taken more than one class,”

tells Christine Shaw from OUZ public relations.

Shaw says OUZ even has almost 30 students over the age of 70 pursuing a degree. She says the university is more than ready to accomodate the rise in students.

“We are doing well, our classroom space with renovations and that kind of thing, sometimes it is a challenge to get all those things scheduled in, but it is great to see the parking lot full!” laughs Shaw.

Ohio University in Athens also saw an increase in enrollment. The total enrollment at OU and all affliate branches is now almost 32,000 students.
Katie Jeffries