Zanesville City Official Retiring

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A staple within Zanesville City Hall is retiring.


After 30 years of service, Zanesville City Treasurer, Walter “Butch” Norris, is retiring.  He says he has no definite future plans, but will be spending more time with his family and two young grandchildren.  He does still plan on being involved within the community.

“I do have some thoughts of working with a non-profit educational group for financial education for kids kindergarden through 12th grade. It is called a Jump Start program,” says Norris.




In the last 30 years, Norris worked with 6 mayors and various police and fire chiefs.  His replacement will begin in October.

“The mayor will make a temporary appointment to the office as of October 1st because I am retireing September 30th. Then the Democratic Central Committee will take and make a permanant appointment to fill out my term for the 2 years,”tells Norris.


 The city treasurer is in charge of payroll, dispersing checks and the city income tax administration.

Norris says in his 30 years as treasurer, he never once missed a payroll payment.



Katie Jeffries