Women Send A Message Against Domestic Violence

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October is national domestic violence month and the Response Victim Assistance Program is giving women the chance to have their voices heard.

Battered and sexually abused women decorated tee shirts with messages about their experiences. It is all part of The Clothesline Project.

“It is very therapeutic, it is a way to express themselves and empower themselves and different colors denote different events in their life,” says Janie Malloy, the program manager at Response.

The meaning of the colors are as follows:

-White: for women and children who were killed

-Yellow or Beige: for women and children who were battered or assualted

-Red, Pink or Orange: for women and children who were raped

-Blue or Green: for women and children who were sexually assaulted

-Purple: for women victimized for being a lesbian

-Black: for women and children permanently handicapped due to violence or abused because they are disabled

The shirts will be displayed at the domestic violence event October 5th at the Muskingum County Welcome Center from 5:00pm til 8:00pm.

“Years ago the women put the tee shirts out to display to “hang out their dirty laundry” is where it derives from, because during the Vietnam War 58,000 men and women were killed during the war, during that same time we had 51,000 American women who died at the hands of abuse,” tells Malloy.

Malloy says every nine seconds a woman is injured as a result of violence and there needs to be more awareness of this problem. Malloy says if you are in a violent situation call law enforcement immediately.




Katie Jeffries